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Universal digital credentials. Open standards

Any medical test result, employment record, educational credential, certificate or financial statement can be presented as a verifiable credential that ensures privacy, security, and universal acceptance

Digital and portable

Available on devices

Customer controlled

Selectively shared

Cryptographically secured

Helping customers easily access products and services

We're building a global ecosystem where customers can request and share verifiable credentials, securely and privately

Credential providers


Service providers

Verifiable credentials could include

- Customer profile
- Trade history

Verifiable credentials could include

- Financial statements
- Credit rating
- Customer profile
- Trade history


Trade platforms

Insurance firms


Public registries

Credit bureaus


Financial institutions

Join the ecosystem

Credential providers

Create, share, and authenticate credentials on request

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Request, store, and selectively share credentials

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Service providers

Request relevant credentials to offer more products and services

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Generate value from your data

Unlock new, recurring revenue with minimal effort, while protecting customer privacy

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Benefits for Credential providers

Unlock new revenue streams

Get compensation when service providers request verification for a credential you've created

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We are working with a background verification provider to unlock new, recurring revenue streams

Through the ecosystem, reusable verifiable credentials can be created and shared with customers by the verification provider. The verification provider is compensated when service providers request verification for a credential that it had created

Simplify data sharing

Access a large, global ecosystem of service providers with one simple integration

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We are working with a digital job matching platform to identify new ways to unlock business value with their platform data

Through the ecosystem, the job platform does not need to perform custom integrations with every service provider. One-off integrations with Affinidi allow for seamless sharing of credentials to service providers, directly through customers

Protect customer privacy

Designed with the principles of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and global W3C standards for open, interoperable data sharing

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We are working with a credit bureau to increase the distribution of its credit reports, while maintaining customer privacy

Through the ecosystem, the credit bureau can create verifiable credentials for their customers. The customers can selectively share their credentials with other financial institutions

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Control your credentials


Gain access to new products and services


Use your credentials across different platforms globally


Decide exactly what to share, whom to share it with, and for how long


Keep your credentials completely private. Even from Affinidi


Grow faster

Delight your customers with seamless onboarding and a wider range of products and services

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Benefits for Service providers

Accelerate business growth

Make your products and services more visible, increasing adoption and acquiring more customers

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We are working with a financial institution in India to tap into an unserved customer segment - semi-skilled seasonal workers

Through the ecosystem, workers can discover and apply for loan products from the financial institution, reducing customer acquisition costs and accelerating business growth

Improve customer experience

Let customers share their credentials more easily, so you can provide a wider range of products and services

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We are working with a Fintech to streamline the way customers onboard onto its platform

Through the ecosystem, new and existing customers can seamlessly request verifiable credentials about themselves and share it with the Fintech during the onboarding and/or loan renewal process. The improved processes dramatically reduced onboarding and loan turnaround times, improving customer experience

Be more efficient

Seamlessly request credentials and verify that they came from trusted data sources

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We are working with a digital job matching platform to enhance its onboarding processes and identify new services that can be offered to its customers

Through the ecosystem, new and existing workers can seamlessly request verifiable credentials about themselves and share it with prospective employers to facilitate job matching

The platform is able to provide other products and services such as financing and housing - leveraging on the verified profile of the workers

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See Affinidi in action globally

Shanghai, China

Affinidi is helping Trustana, a curated B2B marketplace to onboard traders and facilitate trusted cross-border trade

By providing these traders with portable digital identities, Affinidi helps to facilitate trusted interactions between trade partners

Uganda, Africa

Affinidi is working with a global health insurance platform to help underinsured women better access micro-health insurance

Through Affinidi's technology, beneficiaries can easily claim for health insurance by sharing verified details about their visits to the hospital