Self-Sovereign Identity SDKs and APIs

Our development suite provides building blocks for decentralised identity creation, verifiable credential issuance and verification

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Issuer utilities

Issuer SDK enables verifiable credential issuance if you are the primary issuer. The Issuer Kit enables credential issuance by connecting with data providers

Custodial wallet

Use Affinidi's cloud wallet to allow your customers to store their keys safely. Enable Self-Sovereign Identity for customers with known authentication methods

Build or integrate your own apps

Interface for claiming verifiable credentials to your customer's wallet

Encrypted data vaults

Store your customer's verifiable credentials in the Bloom encrypted data vault

Schema starter pack

Typescript utilities and helpers for constructing standard verifiable credential schemas. Easy extensions to add custom types


Visit Affinidi's interop-test harness to see if we can already work together. If not, submit an issue or pull request to add support for your tech

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Getting Started

The following examples will help you to kick start your journey with Verifiable Credentials (VC)

Create VC app in 10 mins

Get started with creating your first ever verifiable credential within few minutes.


Global Developer Ecosystem team at Affinidi is bringing to you following resources

API Documentation

Explore the variety of APIs that we have to offer.

Github Repository

Check out the repository with a basic template of working with verifiable credentials.

Postman Collection

Get the collection of few basic APIs right out of the box.


This SDK aims to help you enable Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) for your application.


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