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Affinidi Group, a Temasek venture developing self-sovereign identity solutions, announces CEO

• Affinidi Group was set up to empower individuals and organisations with control over their data
• Two businesses – GoodWorker and Trustana – are currently being built using Affinidi’s technology
• Glenn Gore has been appointed Group CEO

Singapore, 10 November 2020 – Affinidi Group, a new group of companies founded by global investment company Temasek, today announced that it has appointed Glenn Gore as CEO to lead the companies and spearhead their growth. 

Headquartered in Singapore with a hub in Berlin, Affinidi uses decentralised technologies to develop self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions, empowering individuals and organisations with control of their data. Solutions include the creation of portable digital identities, simplified issuance of digital credentials and selective sharing of verifiable data. These solutions also mitigate the risk of privacy breaches and security leaks that end users can be exposed to when their data is stored on centralised systems. Affinidi aims to create a global and interoperable identity and data ecosystem, in partnership with governments, organisations, and developers. 

The Group also announced the ongoing development of two other businesses that are built using Affinidi’s technology – GoodWorker, an India-based digital job matching platform for blue-collar workers and employers; and Trustana, a Singapore-based curated B2B marketplace and trade platform connecting verifiable, international partners for seamless cross-border trade, with an initial focus on SMEs in China and Singapore. The three businesses – Affinidi, GoodWorker and Trustana – will be run independently by their respective Boards and management teams. 

Glenn will also serve as CEO of Affinidi and his responsibilities will include driving the ongoing development of Affinidi’s technology, expanding its use across more use cases and applications, as well as steering the growth and expansion of the business and its capabilities across markets. In addition, Glenn will serve as Board Member of GoodWorker and Trustana, providing strategic direction to the management teams. 

Glenn has more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry and was previously the Chief Architect of Amazon Web Services, where he was responsible for creating architectural best practices and working with customers on cloud and innovation solutions. Across his career, he has played a major role in helping customers transform their businesses or disrupt markets with the use of innovative technologies.

Glenn expressed, “I am excited to join Affinidi to build next generation identity solutions that will provide more personalised and transparent networks for all. New technologies and business models are required to drive authenticity, portability, security and privacy of data for today and tomorrow. Temasek's vision and support of self-sovereign identity solutions and their transformative potential to change how we think about the concept of data resonates with me.” 

Chia Song Hwee, Deputy CEO of Temasek, who also serves as Board Member of Affinidi and Venture Advisor to GoodWorker and Trustana, shared, “Innovative technologies are key enablers of growth. In line with trends we have identified, including a more connected world and smarter systems, we see opportunities to move beyond investing by building game-changing businesses such as Affinidi. We are pleased to welcome Glenn on board the Affinidi Group – his experience, capabilities and leadership will position the company well and bring its vision to life.”

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About Affinidi 
Affinidi is a business building core technology solutions to enable the creation and sharing of digital identities that are portable and verifiable. Affinidi is both the brand name of the company and the core product. Institutions and entities use Affinidi’s solutions to issue verifiable credentials to customers. These credentials can in turn be used with other applications to access services in an open and interoperable ecosystem. Individuals and organisations are empowered with control of their verifiable data, and can unlock value across platforms and borders. Affinidi is headquartered in Singapore, with a hub in Berlin, Germany. For more information on Affinidi, please visit

About GoodWorker 
GoodWorker is a job matching platform that connects blue-collar workers and potential employers in India with one another. The platform provides blue-collar workers with a digital, verifiable profile to empower them to more efficiently seek employment. It enables employers to have full confidence in the authenticity of employment credentials presented by potential employees. GoodWorker is built using Affinidi, an open and interoperable technology that enables users to have control of their verifiable data. GoodWorker is based in Bengaluru, India. For more information on GoodWorker, please visit

About Trustana 
Trustana is a curated cross-border B2B marketplace of verifiable, international traders. Trustana empowers buyers and suppliers to grow their businesses with confidence. It connects trustworthy trade partners and supports them through their end-to-end trade journey. The initial focus of Trustana is to serve SMEs in China and Singapore, with ambition to expand globally. Trustana is built using Affinidi, an open and interoperable technology that enables users to have control of their verifiable data. Trustana is headquartered in Singapore, with a hub in Shanghai, China. For more information on Trustana, please visit

About Temasek 
Temasek is an investment company with a net portfolio value of S$306 billion as at 31 March 2020. Our three roles as an Investor, Institution and Steward, as defined in our Temasek Charter, shape our ethos to do well, do right and do good. Our investment philosophy is anchored around four key themes: Transforming Economies; Growing Middle Income Populations; Deepening Comparative Advantages; and Emerging Champions. Our investment direction in Temasek is shaped by structural trends: longer lifespans, rising affluence and sustainable living drive social progress, enabled by technological solutions for sharing economies, smarter systems and a more connected world. We actively seek sustainable solutions to address present and future challenges, as we capture investment and other opportunities that help to bring about a better, smarter and more sustainable world. For more information on Temasek, please visit

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