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Up close & Personal with Yevheniia

July 8, 2022

Yevheniia Humeniuk is sure to charm anyone with her bubbly and go-getter personality. In her role as a Talent Partner in Affinidi Ukraine, she gets to do what she loves - caring for people, making them happy, and of course, finding the right people for every role.

Today, we decided to turn the tables on Yevheniia to understand what drives her to be a superstar in her job, her secrets, and more!

What’re the best aspects of being a Talent Partner?

The best part about being a Talent Partner is the unique opportunity to care for people, understand their problems, resolve them in the best way possible, and make them happy! It is especially heartening to find a key person for a position who turns out to be a perfect match for the role. 

Of course, this comes with challenges too, as finding the right people for each job requires a lot of scouting and conversations. And it doesn’t end there, as I work constantly to retain these talents as well. In many ways, these challenges are what get me out of bed every morning!

What’s the one thing that most people misunderstand about your role?

In my opinion, the role of Talent Partner is often associated with a person who solves any kind of problems related to people. In most cases, people often come to ask for help and it’s a sure thing that I’ll help. 

Currently, everyone in the company understands my role, especially in Ukraine as I’m the only Talent Partner here. Outside, many people do not understand the actual extent of the role where we actually focus on both recruiting and retaining talents. 

How has it been working with Affinidi?

If I had to describe my experience so far, it’s about challenges, diversity (in terms of people and tasks), learning, growing and being human.

To me, Affinidi is a big, fulfilling project. At the beginning, it started from recruiting for the Ukraine office, when we were looking to hire 12 people, then 18 and in the end, we had 32 employees in Ukraine by the end of that year. 

Along with the recruitment processes, it’s normal that you become responsible for the operational and organizational work as well. In my role, it’s not only about hiring, but also retaining people. People are essential - they make everything good happen! At the end of the year, we had an off-site gathering in Kyiv which was attended by Glenn (CEO, Affinidi) and Junius (CPO, Affinidi). I really liked the off-site gatherings as they gave people a sense of belonging and we’re planning to have such gatherings once per quarter!

What’s one thing that everyone should know about data ownership and identity?

That it can be decentralised, and that you can be the only owner of your own identity.

Who inspires you?

I don’t have a fixed role model, but I tend to look to the women around me.

In particular, Eugeniia Filipovich, who is a sourcing guru who has won international hackathons on sourcing and can find almost anybody on the internet. She doesn’t advertise herself nor has a website but people still gravitate towards her. She has her own priorities and principles and works with clients whose causes she identifies with. I like that she sticks to her principle and is about quality over quantity. 

If someone were to spot you outside of work, what would you most probably be caught doing?

I may be snowboarding, wake surfing, in quest rooms, visiting Christmas Fairs, or playing table games with friends!

And a secret about you…

I’m currently attending a music school to learn singing. 

If you could only have 3 apps on your phone, what would they be and Why?

If you had a superpower, it would be… 


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Team Affinidi

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